Welcome Welcome to Ken Zhao's Homepage! Islab.org: Dedicated to 3D online virtual worlds. Islab World: A 3D Online Virtual World build on technology with OpenSim. Hi, My name is Ken Zhao(Resume, Twitter), I live in Beijing. Founder of Islab.org. In the virtual world of Second Life, My Avatar is Ken March(Online Status, Profile, Larger Photo). I focus all my energies on Virtual World and Mobile Internet. Apart from spending my time on above interests, I play Sony PS3 Games(more likely to explore 'Home' Virtual Space) and like reading: Experimentation Matters, More.. Motto: Combining innovation, technology, design, attention to detail. Islab.org in Second Life: Click Minna (250, 80, 26) to teleport! and webmap of Minna region in sl: Contacts: ©1998-2008 zhaoke.com Best Viewed With Firefox web browser in 1024x768 Resolution Powered by Fedora Linux